Black Jack Fan

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With an unrivaled balance of airflow and mobility, Black Jack® belongs in every commercial facility. Offering a fully assembled steel frame and 25-foot (7.6-meter) power cord that fits any standard outlet, it’s the durable and convenient choice for your dynamic airflow needs. Best of all, Black Jack’s powerful IPX5-rated motor runs quietly and efficiently, keeping your people comfortable without distraction.

BigAssFans has designed the Black Jack® with a durable 6.5-ft (2m) frame to fit through standard interior doors. The quality rubber wheels are built to handle any terrain indoor or outdoor.

The fan creates airflow that spans one-third the length of a football field (120 feet or 36.6 meters!)

Perfect for any application, including narrow factory aisles and crowded auto shops to outdoor wedding venues and commercial fitness facilities. The fan has handles on both sides, and it's maneuverable enough for one person to easily push around the floor.

Quiet & Efficient

- Easy to Use, Easy to Move

- Infinite Speed Control

- Smashingly Durable

- Extended 5 Year Warranty Available