Blaze Professional Portable Grill

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The Blaze Professional Portable Grill allows people to bring the power and quality of Blaze Grills on the road. The Professional Portable Grill utilizes all of the same commercial-grade components of the Blaze Professional Series built-in grills. This portable powerhouse uses an 18,000 BTUs cast stainless steel H-burner and 12 gauge stainless steel flame tamer to reach incredibly even heat. Pair that with a 12 mm stainless steel cooking grid and you have gorgeous sear marks on the go! The Blaze Professional Portable Grill is also offered in a Marine Grade model that features a 316L stainless steel body.

Spec Sheet

Blaze Professional Portable Grill

- 304 grade stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion

- Has the same flame thrower ignition as the built-in and freestanding grills

- Utilizes the heavy-duty cast stainless steel H burner, flame tamers, and 12 mm hex cooking grids as the built-in Pro series grills

- Uses 1 lb propane cylinder or 20 lb propane tanks with tank adapter

- Can reach temperatures high enough to sear steaks

- Two front facing clasps for locking the lid in place during storage or transport

Dimensions: 15 1/8″H x 27 1/8″W x 14 1/2″D