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The CORTEN premium portable fire pit is designed with a high-quality heavy thick gauge 3/16" steel alloy that is designed to withstand and stabilize in outdoor use applications. Made proudly in Canada & built for our range of rugged environments.

The term Corten can be broken down into Cor (Corrosion Resistance) & Ten (Tensile Strength). Frequently used in exterior architectural applications and for heavy use industrial purposes, the steel forms a protective outer layer of rust under the natural influences of the outdoor conditions it is exposed to. A long lasting, premium quality material.

​The CORTEN comes in two sizes. (Large / Medium)

The Large which has a burn area of 25" across with an average depth of 7" giving plenty of space - and flame - to accommodate any group size.

The medium is compact, not small, and is a great option for anyone who wants to have a good size fire in an area with limited space. Great for the road trippers and campers out there. This model has a burn area of 19" across with an average depth of 6". Don’t be fooled, the room is there, and you can get the logs on.

Tool-less, time-less, space-less assembly, storage, and transport.

*Note* The CORTEN fire pit will continue to rust over many seasons and years of use. 

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