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The evenGLO is a patented designed canopy style, free-standing infrared heater by IR Energy. Featuring the largest reflector in the industry, this heater provides superior performance, and reliability.  


- Temperature control dial, set the temperature to keep you warm and comfortable within a circle of 20-24ft in diameter.

- Includes durable wheel kit - completely made of 304 stainless with double stainless ball bearings and polyurethane wheels to make moving the entire unit easier.

- Battery Operated Pilot with Thermocouple Ignition System (1 AA battery) does not need electricity, match, or lighter.

- Better heat performance and bigger coverage than competitors, one of the best in the market.

- Biggest heavy duty reflector in the industry with 316 stainless steel emitter to efficiently heat large outdoor areas for maximum comfort. Emitter comes with a 3-year warranty.


- Commercial (304) and marine (316) grade stainless steel construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance.

- Pilot is lit by pushing the ignition knob, easy to light up and use.

- Easy access tank switch-outs with patent pending latch bolt system for easy refueling.

- Pressure regulator with quick connect and hose assembly supplied with the heater for easy installation and gas hook up.

- Safety shut-off tilt switch automatically shuts off the gas valve if the unit tilts or tips over for safety.

- 100% safety control, this patio heater meets or exceeds CSA safety and performance standards in the US and Canada.

- Every heater is factory tested and inspected prior to shipping to make sure you get a high quality working product.

- Made in Canada, ensures the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

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