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The HRPO premium portable steel fire pit has a clean, consistent, durable construction that is made proudly in Canada & built for our range of rugged environments.

Designed with a selective, high quality steel used throughout the construction industry it can be trusted for structural applications. This product will naturally rust in outdoor conditions, but promises to give many years of use without deterioration. 

Designed for backyards, cottages, and any other setting you can envision enjoying evening flames with friends around.

​The HRPO comes in two sizes. (Large / Medium)

The Large which has a burn area of 25" across with an average depth of 7" giving plenty of space - and flame - to accommodate any group size.

The medium is compact, not small, and is a great option for anyone who wants to have a good size fire in an area with limited space. Great for the road trippers and campers out there. This model has a burn area of 19" across with an average depth of 6". Don’t be fooled, the room is there, and you can get the logs on.

Tool-less, time-less, space-less assembly, storage, and transport.

*Note* The HRPO steel will rust, and continue to rust over many seasons and years of use.